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Windows by Type

We’re glad you stopped by to search our extra window inventory.  We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to help them sell their returned, misordered, mismeasured, and extra windows.  All of the boneyard windows are new construction or replacement windows (unless noted) and are made using vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass or composite materials.  Look for features that would benefit you like energy-efficient glass, nail-fin, or colors.

Manufacturers need to move these windows at a reduced cost for various reasons like:

  • Not enough storage
  • Window was for a special order and something was ordered incorrectly
  • Customer changed their mind

At these reduced prices, we hope you help us clear them out so we can make more high-quality windows for our customers.  Their mistakes are your benefit!

Go ahead and use the quick search on this page or click on advanced search to select based on more criteria. 

Thanks for shopping the extrawindows.com web site for boneyard, mis-measured, or mis-ordered windows!

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